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Ensure your staff's expertise now - and in the future

Vale has specialized in engaging training for over 60 years. We offer a variety of auto, property and casualty programs and classes geared for today's challenging market. Our strategic approach enables us to provide guidance and training from career beginning up through a professional path. Our goal is simple... to provide your staff with top-notch training that will keep them proficient and productive today and for years to come.

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In the Classroom

In the Classroom

At our two state-of-the-art training facilities, we systematically train students of all levels through practical hands-on application to prepare them for on-the-job challenges as estimators, examiners, appraisers and adjusters.

On the web

On the web

Vale offers over 600 online courses and a growing list of webinars to further education; providing flexible training options for Pre-Licensing, Licensing, Continuing Education Credits, Professional Designations, Ethics/ Compliance. OSHA and Healthcare.

Train "Green" and get GRP-certified

The growing market for "green" construction means a new area of exposure for insurance companies and a tremendous opportunity for those who understand the implications. Let Vale introduce your team to the fundamentals of green building and the insurance challenges they present. A Green Risk Professional (GRP) certification is available to designate content mastery.

Auto Property and Examiner Course

A thoroughly-trained examiner or desk adjuster can be a valuable asset to your claims department. Vale offers entry-level auto and property courses that ensure your employees are better prepared to meticulously review damage estimates and detect potential errors, saving your professionals time in the field and months of on-the-job trial and error.