EVS/R™ Apply Now!

Before applying to become EVS/R™ certified, be sure you have reviewed the program overview, course syllabus and exam requirements.

The Application Process

You will apply to the course through the Vale online courses portal.

If accepted into the EVS/R™ course, the total cost for the program is $1595.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted by Vale for further details on your education and experience.

Please allow 30 days for processing once you have returned the additional information requested. 

The application can be processed within 10 days for an additional expediting fee ($25).


If you have any questions before applying to the course, contact Vale Training Solutions at 817-633-4800 or email: ValeRegistrations@sedgwick.com

You're ready!
  • Apply for registration in the EVS/R™ course

    Click the link below and apply at the Vale training online courses portal.

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