California Earthquake

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) mandates that all Adjusters handling earthquake claims in California must obtain the proper certification.

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Beginning with the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claims investigation procedures guidelines, participants learn the definition of an earthquake and how one is measured. They also review the four policy types defined by the CEA: Homeowners, Renters, Mobile Home and Condominium. 

Scoping and inspection techniques are covered for foundations, walls, roofs, chimneys, crawl spaces and mechanical systems. Cosmetic damages, new versus existing damage, code requirements, measurement and repairability are emphasized. Participants also learn the procedures of the California Earthquake Claims Mediation Program, FEMA and U.S. Small Business roles in serving earthquake victims. 

Following successful program completion, students are awarded a certificate reflecting their accomplishment. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

Continuing Education Units:

This course may be available for Continuing Education credits, please contact Vale for details.


When an earthquake occurs, families depend on trained adjusters to evaluate property damage. Now, this training is not only beneficial, but required by law. New state regulations have been recently adopted which govern the training of insurance adjusters in evaluating damage caused by an earthquake. Candidates for accreditation include company and independent insurance adjusters, claims examiners and claim supervisors of admitted and non-admitted insurers.


Participants, if licensed as a company or as an individual, are asked to sign a responsibility statement that they are certified per the Fair Claims Settlement Regulations.


CA Fair Claims Settlement Practices 
Code of Regulations, Title 10 Subchapter 7.5 Section 2695.1-14 

What are they and how are they measured 
Seismic events in California 
Lessons from the Northridge event 

Basic Earthquake Policies
Homeowners, Renters, Mobile Home,Commercial, Condominium Review and Analysis 

Engineers and Experts
CUREE Publication QED-02 
Working with Engineers 

Scoping the Loss
Tools for Inspections 
Foundations, walls, roofs, chimneys, mechanical, cosmetic damage, codes and upgrades
Repairability Analysis 
Subsequent Damage 
Safety Precautions 

Mediation Programs
Insurance Code Section 2696.1-10 
What, How, Who Procedures 

Earthquake Victims Programs
Small Business Administration 

Unaccredited Adjusters

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