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This is a one day course that focuses on ethics in the workplace. Why it is important that you understand ethics and why it should be important to all of us to have ethics as part of our profession.

We will focus on the importance of why ethics makes us better professionals. We will also present information to demonstrate the benefits to your company when the management and employees who build strong ethical qualities and focus on them produce positive outcomes. These employees and managers are proven to be more successful and profitable. Ethics training should be present yearly as a constant reminder to “stay on the right course”.

Continuing Education Units:

This course may be available for Continuing Education credits, please contact Vale for details.


Everyone in any type work environment will benefit from the knowledge of what ethical thinking and behavior and can bring to you as a professional on a personal and company level. Ethics training on a regular basis is the key to ensuring that members understand and adhere to a company or organization’s statement of values.  A good program should be presented from outside consultants and trainers. Your company or organization should insure that each employee including the president comply with the requirements for ethics training.

Who will benefit:
Everyone in your company, from the CEO to the part time employees will benefit from ethics training. Every professional has a responsibility to perform the duties of their job with honesty and integrity. Many companies now have a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics that all employees must understand, support, and uphold.  To maintain proper focus on this is an important responsibility.


Introduction to Ethics

How Does Ethics Apply to Us as Professionals

Core Beliefs






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