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Property Courses

For sixty years, generations of adjusters, examiners and estimators have used our facilities to learn and develop their professional skills.

Our property courses

Property courses bring training to real life. Whether residential, commercial or green-building courses, Vale offers a variety of specialized areas and trains entry-level through advanced students. Popular software programs ensure students have the skills they need for their specific work environment. Instructors also provide hands-on training with the help of our “Vale House”. This full-size mock-up of a residence demonstrates actual damage, both interior and exterior. Additional mock-ups and visual aids are used for demonstration of construction techniques, materials and repairs.

Learn more about our property courses below.

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A snapshot of our property training courses
  • Property Adjusting

    This intensive three-week class is a course on property insurance coverage, property claims adjusting, and scoping and estimating residential dwelling damage.  It is designed for entry-level and experienced students who must be able to understand and apply policy language from standard Homeowners and Dwelling policies as they relate to investigating and handling property claims.  The course includes the application of construction estimating concepts to residential building damages.  Students prepare estimates on the latest versions of the industry’s leading electronic estimating systems.

    Duration: 3 weeks

  • Residential Estimating

    This course teaches students how to scope and prepare thorough and accurate estimates on residential dwelling damage using their choice of leading automated estimating systems.  All phases of residential construction are introduced including framing, windows and doors, interior and exterior finishes, roofing and mechanical systems. Hands-on scoping and estimating exercises are incorporated into the instruction.

    Duration: 2 weeks

  • Residential Estimating - Senior Level

    This course begins with a proficiency exercise to determine the skill base so the course can be tailored to address content. Scoping and estimating exercises are discussed and assigned on structural components, roofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and flooring. Attendees prepare automated estimates on the latest versions of electronic estimating software.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Property Examiner

    The Property Examiner course focuses on teaching file reviewers, desk adjusters, and examiners how to review completed estimates on damaged residential buildings which have been prepared by other adjusters or contractors.  Classroom discussion focuses on identifying common building materials, resolving scoping issues, and analyzing claim estimates for property claims.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Business Income

    The course analyzes the Business Income endorsements and teaches basic concepts of determining the Business Income loss.  Workshops and coverage scenarios are used to illustrate key points and practical applications.

    Duration: 2.5 days

  • California Earthquake

    Beginning with the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claims investigation procedures guidelines, participants learn the definition of an earthquake and how one is measured. They also review the four policy types defined by the CEA: Homeowners, Renters, Mobile Home and Condominium.

    Duration: 1 day

  • Flood Adjusting

    This course is designed to aid adjusters in understanding the unique differences in NFIP flood policies and assist them in completely handling a claim file in the desired manner.

    Duration: 3.5 days

  • Commercial Estimating

    The course begins with emphasis on general conditions and progresses to masonry, block, and concrete construction. Steel framing, roofing systems, exterior walls and sprinkler systems are covered. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, motors, closed-circuit TV, alarm systems and switchboards are discussed.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Commercial Adjusting

    The first half of the course is an analysis of the CP policy including the Building and Personal Property Coverage forms, the Insuring Agreement, Covered Causes of Loss forms, Conditions and other coverage forms. Selected endorsements are reviewed. The second half of the course analyzes the Business Income endorsement and teaches basic concepts of determining the business income loss.

    Duration: 1 week

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