UAS (drone) certification

The Vale UAS Operator Certification is an industry standard and “must-have” for anyone in the industry who is planning to use a drone for photography and inspection work on site.

Anyone who will be flying UAS for aerial inspections of roofs or buildings should be UAS Operator Certified.

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An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board and is controlled from an operator on the ground. Vale Training Solutions provides specialized training on best practices and safe use of UAS while flying UAs for obtaining imagery of roofs and buildings.

The course covers the techniques and best practices required to safely and successfully utilize drones for inspection purposes. Every aspect of operations is covered, from equipment, preflight planning and legal compliance to operational procedures, flight training, and data collection. We will work through the entire mission cycle, starting with legal compliance, planning, and then pre and post flight operations.

After completing the four-day training class, students will obtain the Vale UAS Operator Certification.

Two options are being offered for training:
Option 1: bring your own equipment – click here for more information
Option 2: Includes a complete aircraft equipment bundle – click here for more information

UAS Operator Certification Program brochure
UAS Operator Certification Course outline



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