A history of training innovation

Since we started 80 years ago, Vale has been at the forefront of innovation. It’s an approach we’ve handed on to the 50,000 individuals we’ve trained since then. Find out how it all began.

Picture of what Vale Training looked like in the past

  • The ‘40s

    Opened in the early 1940’s in Blairsville, Vale Technical Institute began by providing training classes for the automobile repair trades. Originally nicknamed “Vale Tech”, the Institute swiftly became known as the “Ivy League of Technical Schools”. During WWII, Vale trained women (a first in that era) to repair automobiles. Students in the automobile repair trade classes went through an eighteen-month training regime learning all phases of auto repair while living in dormitory style accommodations. In 1949, Vale Tech started its first three-week auto estimating class. The course was called Automotive ‘Estimatics’, a word that became a trade mark and is still current today.

  • The '60s

    CBS Television Co. bought Vale Tech and brought it into their portfolio of other trade schools. Vale began offering the first residential building damage estimating course to the insurance industry, closely followed by the development of Vale Labs Research, a department to advance estimating techniques.

  • The '70s

    Vale was purchased by the National Education Corporation of Newport Beach, CA. The estimating department relocated to Chambersburg, PA and was renamed VALE NATIONAL. The Chambersburg location was housed on the campus of Wilson College, a private women’s college, with students housed in separate buildings four to a room.

  • The 80's

    In 1985, Vale National was sold to Lindsey Newsom Claims Adjusters of Tyler, TX. The company was incorporated in Texas as VALE NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, INC. Vale National opened a Vale Central location in Arlington, TX in 1988. Vale Central was the first Vale location to have a complete residential house built inside the location for estimating training.

  • The '90s

    Vale East moved from Wilson College in Chambersburg to a new location in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1990. This new Vale East location had a complete house built inside the estimating training area.

  • The 21st century

    In 2008, we became Vale Training Solutions and today, we provide on-line services alongside our classrooms, allowing us to service many more clients across North America.

    In 2017 Vale partnered with 360Training to offer an online course library of over 4,000 modules. The library serves all adjuster pre-licensing and continuing education needs.

    In 2018, as part of the Cunningham Lindsey acquisition by Sedgwick, Vale joined the Sedgwick family of companies and was rebranded as Vale Training a Sedgwick company.

    In 2020 as the world experienced the Covid-19 Pandemic, Vale revolutionized its training delivery to offer live virtual programs to address demand for remote learning. The programs maintained the rigor expected of Vale programs while leveraging 3D modelling and enhanced video to create an immersive learning environment.

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