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March 8 & 9


T&M Pro is a premier billing and data management system developed and approved for the property loss industry. Designed to bill Time and Material, Rate and Material, Cost Plus and/or a combination of these methods to complete complex projects with ease! Keep your bills Accurate, Consistent, and 100% Transparent.

T&M Estimator is an innovative program that allows you to create an estimation or projection by employing the functions and features of the industry leading Time and Material software: T&M Pro.

T&M Go is a Time and Material field application that allows you to digitally capture billable data while on the job. It bridges the gap between field documentation and data input by creating daily reports that upload directly into T&M Pro.


Live Virtual Classroom Training (T&M Pro)

We strive to provide a curriculum that will leave you confident in your abilities to execute even the most complex of Time and Material bills. Our curriculum provides an in-depth approach to the entire Time and Material billing process.

In the virtual class, an instructor will take you through every aspect of T&M Pro while answering any questions that may arise. The instructor will share their screen, allowing anyone attending the class to see an interactive walk-through of each section of the training.

All attendees will receive a free PDF copy of our in-depth Training Manual which covers all features and functions in T&M Pro. Attendees will also practice using the program by completing different input exercises in T&M Pro.

The virtual class will be a two-day training that is broken up into two, three-hour blocks each day. Our in-class/virtual training is IICRC Approved for 14 CE Credit Hours!

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On Demand Online Certification Courses (T&M Pro and T&M Estimator)

The T&M Pro & Estimator User Certification Courses are self-paced online training classes that will take you through all of the features and functions of the T&M Pro or T&M Estimator program from start to end. The classes include an extensive training manual and workbook that you can read and work through at your own pace. The training workbook includes step-by-step examples and scenarios that you will practice inputting into your program.

The online courses also include online review sections followed by quizzes to test your knowledge. After all the sections have been completed and passed, you will become either a T&M Pro or T&M Estimator certified user! We are also proud to announce that the T&M Pro User Certification Course is now IICRC Approved for CE Credits of 7 Hours!

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