See what our students have to say about their training experience.

  • Nicholas Sanderlin FA Adjuster

    Vale gave me the beginning tools to get started in the career of adjusting. The class had great teachers and staff. This will forever affect my way of life.

  • Joe Dougherty

    After training with Vale, I was as comfortable handling my first claims as if I had been doing it for years. Vale had already answered a thousand questions that I would have asked when I received my first claim.

  • Steve Denero

    Vale provided a fast-paced intense training that allowed me to immediately get to work in the field. This training provide a foundation for me to get in the field and begin working. Though I made mistakes, I also was able to continuously build upon the foundational learning provided by Vale.

  • MC, Independent Adjuster

    Every single day of adjusting is a learning experience. Having been fortunate enough to attend a Vale training class was a blessing. I was given a strong foundation and continued support to kick start this exciting new career.

  • DE, GMB, IA

    I don't professionally know of any training that could compare to Vale. They are the Harvard of IA Training Facilities. From the depth of knowledge and experience to the pace of training with the support of the facility is unsurpassed in this industry.

  • Chris

    Great class taught by very knowledgeable instructor Scott. Would highly recommend them for training needs!

  • Tyler

    I would highly recommend taking any of the classes here. The staff was very friendly and professional. The class I took was very informative and we had more than enough time to discuss everyone's questions and concerns in length to make sure everyone had a strong understanding of the material we were covering.

  • David

    Excellent Instructor, well informed and patient in explaining the topic.