Accelerated Auto Estimatics

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1 week: 8:30-4:30

For entry-level auto damage estimators and appraisers. After successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to prepare a complete and accurate electronic estimate using automated system data as well as practical repair formulas and structural analysis methods.

Vale Training uses your choice of Audatex™ CCC One™ Mitchell™

PRE-WORK Intro to Auto Estimatics: Exterior of Vehicle, Basic Understanding of Estimate Auto Estimatics Pre-Work: Repair Process Wreck: Direct and Indirect Damage Component repair: How to Determine Repair Structural Mis-Alignment: How to Identify Structural Repair Interior Parts: Terms and Definitions

DAY ONE Review of Pre-Work Completed Practice Scoping Front Inner Components and Estimating Test Estimate (front impact) Demonstrate Rear Structural Analysis and Estimating Practice Scoping and Estimating Rear Impacts

DAY TWO Practice Scoping and Estimating Rear Impacts (cont’d) Test Estimate (rear impact) Side Impact Components Demonstrate Side Structural Analysis and Estimating Practice Scoping and Estimating Side Impacts

DAY THREE Practice Scoping and Estimating Second Side Impact Test Estimate (side impact) Sport Utility Vehicles (trucks and vans) Lecture: Supplemental Restraint Systems Practice Scoping Supplemental Restraint System Damage

DAY FOUR Alternative Parts Suspension, Steering Practice Scoping Suspension, Steering Wheel and Tire Damage Mechanical Components Interior Components Total Losses Final Estimate

DAY FIVE Review Total Program Final Estimate Paintless Dent Repair Final Written Test Award Certificates

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