Train the next generation of claims professionals. Our trainers find their job highly rewarding. Do you? If you are interested in working for us, please get in contact.

Vale Training Solutions is an equal opportunity employer welcoming applications from all qualified persons.

If you are interested in working for us, please visit our job board.
What is it like to work at Vale.
  • An average day

    There’s no average day at Vale because each day brings new students. We have to quickly understand their needs and adapt to their styles. We’re also committed to constantly refreshing our curriculum and trainers play an important role in discovering new skills which the industry needs.

  • Learning for your career

    There is no better place to keep up with changing professional needs than in a training center. We have a unique and privileged access to the cutting edge developments in the claims industry.

  • Doing a good job that is inspiring

    Every year, we help hundreds of new entrants who are just starting their careers in claims. It’s a rewarding responsibility to give them their first glimpse of the work they will be undertaking in the field. We also help experienced hands learn new skills and renew their own career prospects. Overall, this makes for a positive and optimistic environment.

  • Equal Opportunities

    We’re committed to equal opportunities and welcome applications from all.

  • Our People

    Our success comes down to one element – our people. Not only their years of experience as examiners, estimators and adjusters but also their patience, their enthusiasm and their ability to inspire.

  • Reputation

    As one of the oldest training schools of our kind in the US, we are proud of our heritage and the role it gives us in the claims industry in North America.


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