Career Transition

Tab, a life and health insurance agent shares how Vale Training provided the foundation for a successful career transition.


Insurance adjusting is typically not a first career. Most people are familiar with insurance agents, actuaries and underwriters, but unless they interface with an adjuster, it is unlikely they consider a career in adjusting claims.

  • The Challenge

    To begin a successful career transition as an adjuster, building a strong foundational knowledge in residential, commercial and automotive insurance adjusting is critical. Proper training should be a robust instructional program using the tools and techniques unique to the insurance industry.

  • The Solution

    Vale has been in the business of training insurance adjusters and estimators for more than 70 years.  Our approach uses hands-on, real world training environments allowing students to experience and understand important elements that are critical for a successful adjusting career, including materials, software, techniques, insurance carrier instructions and client expectations.

    As Tab explains: “I am making the transition towards becoming an independent property adjuster, which will complement my existing career as a financial advisor/life & health insurance agent. The learning experience that I had at Vale was a tremendous foundation for getting me started in this new endeavor. The instructors, course materials and hands-on learning opportunities were spot on. I highly recommend Vale training courses for anyone interested in this career path.”

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