Confidence in using an estimating system

A United Heritage Insurance employee explains the importance of mastering an estimating system in order to develop a complete and accurate estimate.


Today the claims industry depends on software to manage workflows and provide accuracy of estimates. New entrants to the industry must learn the software and its use to be successful.

  • The Challenge

    Insurance adjusting relies on estimating software to develop a complete and proper estimate. The industry has many different systems used to estimate both auto and property damage. When working for insurance carriers, adjusters may be required to write estimates in specific software based on client requirements. Knowledge of the systems is critical. Additionally, as cycle time is a standard industry metric, knowing short cuts and soft keys to aid navigation and speed the development of the estimate is important to ensure KPI’s are met. Lastly, carriers use the estimating systems to review files; as a result there is little margin for error.

  • The Solution

    The classroom training and hands-on experience offered by Vale provide adjusters with the skills necessary to operate their chosen software. What is unique about the Vale program is students in the same class can work in their chosen software while sitting next to students using other systems.  The ability to learn, apply and correctly write estimates using their software is further enhanced by conversations with other students; becoming aware of other software being used in the industry. 

    Our estimating training programs are thorough, including assessments, trainer insights and workbooks to support learners back in the field. As our student explains: “The impact of class was felt immediately in the use of Xactimate writing on every claim.”

    By packaging our program with materials, hands-on experience, software training and constant support and feedback from our instructors, Vale delivers the key skills to use estimating software to develop accurate claim files.

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