Furthering your career

Mike from Turnpike Motors shares how Vale Training gave him new skills to advance to the role of estimator.


New to the auto collision industry, Mike sought help with preparing for a state license and establishing his credentials as an estimator. With Vale’s Auto Estimatics program, Mike obtained the necessary training to advance his skills and achieve his career goals.

  • The Challenge

    Career growth can be challenging in an industry that requires licensing and certifications. Job-shadowing skilled individuals is either not available, or insufficiently structured to develop the skills necessary to build the knowledge, expertise and overall confidence to perform on the job.

  • The Solution

    By enrolling in Vale’s two week Auto Estimatics course, Mike learned the fundamental elements of automotive construction, including exterior panels and interior components such as suspension and bumper systems.  Through online, classroom discussion and actual shop time, Mike became familiar with components commonly seen in estimates.  Once the foundational knowledge was established, the course provided in depth training on writing estimates using best practice methodologies to ensure accurate estimates.  The program also provides training on common estimating software platforms and requires students to write a series of estimates that are reviewed and graded by experienced instructors.

    “Vale enabled me to become a certified estimator, and further my career with my current company. The instructor did an amazing job engaging the students and making it easy to interpret the material,” said Mike. “Having only been in the Auto Body industry for a few months prior to my training, I was able to pass my licensing exam on the very first try. The confidence and knowledge you leave with after attending a Vale Training Course, is impressive to say the least.”

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