Improving the Economics

Josh Wilson, manager at Fortune Collision Centre in Lexington, Kentucky shares how Vale Training gave his company greater perspective on writing complete and accurate estimates.


A recent graduate of Vale himself, Josh realizes the importance of managing a profitable business depends on the accuracy and completeness of estimates to ensure all aspects of a repair are identified and the full scope of repairs documented.  Estimate accuracy can have a major impact on the economic health of a shop.

  • The Challenge

    Even as an established business with an estimating process it can be possible to miss items that are necessary for a complete estimate to ensure all components are addressed and customer safety is never a question. Often working within the industry and staying current with industry periodicals is just not enough.

  • The Solution

    The classroom training and hands-on experience offered by Vale gives estimators the skills they need to build a complete and accurate estimate.  Vale’s learning methodology of writing, reviewing and critiquing estimates repeatedly can bring new perspective to items commonly overlooked. 

    As Wilson explains: “Vale Estimate Training helped me understand the opportunity to gain more profit per estimate, adding every necessary hour to fulfill a job”.

    The ability to write estimates on multiple makes and models with simple to complex damage provides each student the opportunity to experience a broad range of collision scenarios.  This experience combined with expert analysis by Vale staff and student interactions create a supportive learning environment that cannot be replicated by simply reading material or shadowing a colleague in a shop.  As a result, Wilson says “I thank you for the service and look to be sending additional staff for training.”

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