Inspiring confidence

Alan Romero, director of claims at specialist tribal insurer Amerind, explains how on the hands-on experience at Vale Training gives the company's first-time adjusters the confidence they need to go out into the field


A graduate of Vale himself, Romero thinks the ability to put new skills to the test is what makes the training unique

“For young field adjusters who are first starting out in their career this is a great opportunity to get the basic fundamental training you need to learn how to scope a repair, an estimate and interpret and understand an insurance policy.

The fact you then you get to go out to a mock-up house and put your skills to the test is really useful. Once you have run up an estimate from start to finish in that mock-up house, you’re ready for the field… you’re ready to go out and adjudicate some claims.”

  • The Challenge

    Even with the in-house training and support offered at Amerind, new field adjusters are often “hesitant” to apply their new skills, according to Romero.

  • The Solution

    The classroom training and hands-on experience offered by Vale gives new adjusters the confidence they need to get out into the field. As Romero explains: “After Vale they’re 100% ready. They’ve passed their certification, they understand what’s expected of them and the confidence level is definitely high. They are ready to write up a fire loss or a vehicle loss because they have the tools and resources wrapped around them, and they’re ready for the action part.”

    Continual professional development is another string to Vale’s bow, he adds. “Many of our staff take advantage of the opportunity to go back and get other additional resources, such as the flood training or earthquake training, and complete some of the more advanced courses once they get the fundamentals under their belt.

    My group has built very strong relationships with the teachers at Vale and that also helps them to further their careers.”

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