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Watch a report showcasing Vale's facilities from a Texas TV channel and read about how Canadian technicians did in our Paint Dent Repair (PDR) workshop

In the aftermath of the 2011 tornados in the South and Midwest, the high frequency of claims led to a shortage of insurance adjusters. WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth visited Vale Training Solutions to learn how we were helping to fill the gap. View the video or Read more.

North of the border, a Vale team visiting Canadian Hail repair for a training workshop attracted the attention of Collision Repair magazine, who claimed a record for Canada.


“It may literally be the closest to perfection anyone has ever come with PDR.” – Collision Repair magazine

  • The Challenge

    Canadian technician, Yannick Poirier knows he can repair a damaged car so the dent becomes invisible to the naked eye, but can he do it better than anyone else?

    Vale visited Canadian Hail Repair to train and certify several of their employees in PDR. We ended our session certifying 23 PDR technicians and another 21 in R&I.

    The PDR certification is a timed evaluation of work on steel and aluminum panels, using a state-of-the-art, digital-optic surface measurement device. We believe that this test is unique to the industry as a purely objective, hands-on demonstration of skill. Repairing various grades of dent can earn a technician one of three designations: journeyman, craftsman and master craftsman.

    The challenge was on in Canada…

  • The Solution

    Our high tech scanning delivered a precise score. Yannick had returned the dent to within .995 standard deviation from the original.

    It was an impressive score, Vale Program Director, Alan Anderson, believes “this is the closest we’ve ever seen anyone come. Bear in mind that these differences are far smaller than the naked eye can detect. You could look at two quality repairs and think they were identical, but the scanner knows better. We’ve had people come very close, but a result like Yannick’s is unprecedented.”

    Can you do better? Sign up to our PDR training and find out.

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