Casualty & Liability Loss Adjusting

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1 week

The one-week Liability Loss Adjusting course teaches the principles of Law and Legal Liability as they apply to automobile and general liability self-insured risks.  The course focuses on the methods of investigating and determining legal liability, evaluation of damages, reserving, and settlement practices.

Students participate in workshops and case studies to build skills, increase confidence and encourage analytic decision making for self-insured risks. The workshops concentrate on investigating and determining legal duties, burden of proof, comparative fault, damages and the disposition of claims involving automobile and truck accidents, injuries sustained on owned premises by others, property damage to others and other common liability occurrences.

Vale Training Solutions offers Continuing Education for this course at a charge of $2.00 per credit hour.  Please see the state listing below for available CE credits.

Continuing Education Units:

Texas – 24
Delaware 30 hours
Indiana 30 hours
Mississippi 30 hours
Oklahoma 30 hours
Georgia 32 hours
North Carolina 6 hours

Canada | Manitoba 12 hours
Canada | British Columbia 8 hours


Examiners and field claim adjusters of self-insured companies; state, county and municipal government units and adjusting firms who must know legal liability principles and investigation techniques to handle auto and general liability loss exposures.

Supervisors and managers who require a basic understanding of legal liability principles and claim handling techniques.




Principles of Law 
Common and Statute Law 
Systems of Courts – Jurisdiction 
Litigation – Practice and Procedure 
Case Law/References 

Statement Taking
Why We Take Statements 
Techniques and Guides 
Critique Workshop 

Automobile Liability and Coverage
Principles, Concepts, Negligence 
Understanding the Personal Auto Policy 
No-Fault Coverages 
UM, Med Pay, Physical Damage 
Commercial Auto Policy 

Principles of Legal Liability
Tort vs. Contract 
Duties, Negligence Theory 
Comparative – Contributory 
Law of Contracts 
Workshop and Case Study 

General Liability

Good Faith Claims Handling
Ethics, Documentation, Professionalism 
Unfair/Fair Claims Practices 
Deceptive Trade Practices 

Measures of Damage, Admissibility 
Collateral Source, Consortium 
Wrongful Death, Survivor Statutes 
Latest Trends in Case law 

Evaluation and Settlement
Reserves, Reserving and Statistics 
Facts, Law, Evidence, Injury or Damage
Settlement Values, Techniques 
Negotiating – Insureds, Claimants, Attorneys
Releases, Subrogation 

Captioned Reports 
Photos and Diagrams

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