EFI/Vale Advanced Roofing Program

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80% of insurance losses today are building envelope related, specifically in the area of residential and commercial roofing issues. To process these claims quickly and accurately, it is essential for property adjusters and appraisers to have a qualitative understanding of assessment considerations specific to roofing systems.  To meet this need, Vale Training and EFI Global, a leading engineering and fire investigation, environmental and technical consultancy, have teamed together to create the EFI/Vale Advanced Roofing Certification (EVS/R™)  program.

How to become EVS/R™ certified

This advanced level course is designed for property damage estimators and appraisers with prior property experience and industry related education such as attendance at seminars or industry classes within the roof estimating, roof construction, fall protection or property damage assessment.

The EVS/R™ course and exam

EFI Global Professional Engineers (PEs) and Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) provide the technical content and instruction for the 4-day course with detailed information on steep and low slope roofs, including construction, coverings, wind-hail storm damage assessment, weathering and mechanical damage, damage estimating, product identification and repair methods.  The program covers Damage Assessment techniques such as moisture migration and energy basics and testing.  The qualitative analysis techniques covered include IR Thermography, Lab Testing, Spray rack testing and Roof uplift testing. 

For hands-on experience, this course also includes simulated hail mockups and use of a hail cannon to illustrate impact dynamics on different roofing systems.

Following the course, participants must successfully pass a 3 hour, 50 question multiple-choice exam to become EVS/R™ certified.

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For more information, contact Vale Training Solutions at 817-633-4800 or  email: ValeRegistrations@sedgwick.com



How to become EVS/R® certified
  • Prerequisites for course admission

    Applicants must meet specific requirements to become EVS/R® certified.  These requirements include specific education pre-course work, high ethical standards and successful completion of the classroom course,with a satisfactory score on the exam.

    The course covers the following subjects: residential and commercial storm damage assessment, investigative techniques and qualitative evaluation and scoping and property estimating accuracy.

    To apply for the course, the applicant must have 16 hours of industry related education through attendance at seminars or industry classes within the roof estimating, roof construction, fall protection or property damage assessment are needed for application approval.  References are also required.
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    For a full course description click here (link to  full course details page)

  • The course and exam
  • The EVS/R® Application Process
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