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Our casualty courses

From the nuances of casualty adjusting to the intricacies of Workers’ Comp, students that complete Vale’s Casualty courses are equipped with the in-depth training and attention-to-detail that today’s challenging insurance environment demands. Students learn industry terminology and documentation requirements, perform statement-taking exercises, practice policy-interpretation and negotiating techniques – basically every skill needed to successfully handle a claim from beginning to close.

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A snapshot of our casualty training courses
  • Auto Liability

    The Auto Liability Adjusting course teaches the basics of principles of Law and Legal Liability as they apply to automobile liability.

    Students will build skills, increase confidence and be encouraged to make analytical decisions regarding auto liability claims. Students participate in workshops and hands on application of skills in exercises involving claims handling in order to increase development and practice in auto liability claims handling.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Casualty Adjusting

    Updated with the latest editions of the ISO ™ policy forms for the Personal Auto Policy, Commercial General Liability Policy, Garage Policy and Homeowners Section II and Aircraft Policy. Expanded emphasis on statement taking exercises and significant case law review. The Casualty Adjusting course teaches the principles of Law and Legal Liability, Automobile and General Liability principles with emphasis on the Personal Auto Policy and Commercial General Liability coverages. Actual cases are studied to enhance the student’s ability to apply principles to practical applications.

    Duration: 2 weeks

  • Ethics

    This is a one day course that focuses on ethics in the workplace. Why it is important that you understand ethics and why it should be important to all of us to have ethics as part of our profession. We will focus on the importance of why ethics makes us better professionals.

    Duration: 1 day

  • Liability Loss Adjusting

    The Liability Loss Adjusting course teaches the principles of Law and Legal Liability as they apply to automobile and general liability self-insured risks. The course focuses on the methods of investigating and determining legal liability, evaluation of damages, reserving, and settlement practices.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Negotiations

    This course focuses on negotiating, and learning how to negotiate successfully to win. This is an important tool to use in the handling of claims. Negotiating is certainly a skill and can be a vital and beneficial part of a successful claims department.

    Duration: 2 days

  • Transportation Fleet Services

    Designed with the field adjuster in mind, this course covers all aspects of trucking claim investigation from initial notification of an accident to post-scene follow-up and reporting. Included will be a review of cargo handling, salvage and subrogation and the various resources available to adjusters that can assist in claims investigation and resolution.

    Duration: 2.5 days

  • Workers' Comp

    This course teaches the principles of Workers’ Comp and Employers’ Liability coverage from the claims handling point of view. Students learn how to determine the compensability of injuries sustained in the course and scope of employment, including occupational illnesses, average weekly wage, compensation rates, waiting periods and retroactive dates, temporary and permanent disabilities, territoriality issues, survivor and rehabilitation benefits and other statutory and coverage benefits.

    Duration: 1 week

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