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As a supplement to our Auto Estimatics program, we are pleased to offer a library of video resources for a 90-day subscription.  The library is intended for students to access as self-paced learning prior to attending the classroom program and remains available as a resource approximately sixty days following completion of their program.  It is intended as both a pre-study and initial support resource after the class as students begin to apply their classroom learning in their role as adjuster or estimator.  The 90 total days of access to the videos should give sufficient time and information to help you adapt to your new position. Should you want to extend the subscription, please contact us to discuss costs and duration.

The library consists of over 50 videos (6 hours) that encompass topics ranging from soft skills, vehicle operation to repair considerations at a foundational level. Should the learner be seeking CE, they can elect the CE path.  Note the CE path has additional testing and provides CE for OK, FL, TX and NC.  Additionally, the learner will be assigned Vale’s Intro to Auto Estimatics, a 1.5 hour online course.  


Topics Include (but not limited to)

1. Customer Service

a. Repair Conversation

b. Customer Responsibilities

c. Negotiating

2. Estimating

a. Blueprinting

b. Optioning

c. Conditioning

d. Unrelated Damage

3. Body Repairs

a. Dent Repair Basics

b. Plastic Repair

4. Refinishing

a. Refinishing Process

b. Identifying Paint Codes and Finishes

c. Automotive Glass

5. Mechanical

a. Wheel Alignments

b. Heating and Cooling systems

c. Tires

6. Equipment used for Body Repair and Refinishing

7. Terminology

a. Nomenclature

b. Suspension Parts

8. CCC One

a. Overview of CCC

b. Reading an Estimate

9. Materials

a. Adhesives

b. Foams

10. Vehicle Structure

a. Set Up and Measure

b. Pulling Structure


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