Commercial Adjusting

What you need to know to handle commercial property claims.

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1 week

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The first half of the course is an analysis of the CP policy including the Building and Personal Property Coverage forms, the Insuring Agreement, Covered Causes of Loss forms, Conditions and other coverage forms. Selected endorsements are reviewed.

The second half of the course analyzes the Business Income endorsement and teaches basic concepts of determining the business income loss.

Workshops and coverage scenarios are used to illustrate key points and practical applications. Real-life claims give the coverage assignments a hands-on experience that benefits the confidence of the student to handle commercial property claims.

At the conclusion of the course students will be able to read and apply ISO™ commercial property coverages. They will be able to understand a profit and loss statement, determine the necessary documents needed to support a Business Income loss and calculate the payment for limited Business Income losses.

Continuing Education Units:

This course may be available for Continuing Education credits, please contact Vale for details.


This one-week course is designed for the property adjuster who needs a working knowledge of ISO’s™ Commercial Property and Business Owners policies including the Business Income coverages, and needs to learn to calculate business income losses.




Commercial Policy Forms 



Building and Personal Property Forms 

Cause of Loss Forms 


Business Owners


Coverage Form 


Business Income

Definitions and Terms 

Net Income/Gross Earnings 

Profit and Loss Statements 

Calculations and Expense Charts 

Case Studies/Workshops

Coverage and Claim Projects 

BI Application Scenarios 

Reference CD

Debris Removal Calculator 

Other Insurance Calculator 

Inflation Calculator 

Valuation Calculator

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