Commercial Adjusting

An introduction to the adjustment of commercial property and business income claims.

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1 week

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March 4 – 8, 2024
June 3 – 7, 2024

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This course begins with an analysis of standard commercial property coverage forms with a focus on the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form, Covered Causes of Loss Forms, and Businessowners Coverage Form.  The discussion will also include a review of the commercial property declarations, conditions, and frequently seen endorsements.  Other subjects covered in class will consist of the preparation of narrative reports and a statement of loss for commercial property claims.

Later in the week we analyze the Business Income coverage forms.  Topics include basic accounting terms and principles, and a review of a profit and loss statement and other related documents.  Students will receive an introduction to calculating small business income and extra expense losses.

Class projects include claim scenarios on business property and business income losses.  The scenarios are used to illustrate key points and provides the opportunity for practical application of the concepts learned in class.  These case study assignments provide a hands-on experience that provides students with the confidence to handle commercial property claims.

At the conclusion of the course students will be able to read and apply standard ISO™ commercial building and business property coverages. They will understand the principles of business income coverage, determine the necessary documents needed to support a business income loss, and understand how to calculate the payment for limited business income losses.

Note:  This course does not provide instruction on commercial property construction, damage assessment, or estimating.


This one-week course is designed for the property adjuster who needs a working knowledge of ISO’s™ Commercial Property, Businessowners, and Business Income coverages, and needs to learn how a business income loss is calculated.



Course Topics: 

Commercial Property Forms
Business Owners Form
Business Income Coverage Forms
Common Endorsements
Narrative Report and Statement of Loss
Commercial Property Coverage Projects
Business Income Definitions, Terms, and Concepts
Understanding the Profit and Loss Statement
Business Income Case Studies
Course Reference Materials and Calculators



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