Client-designed Reviewer Course

Client specific program delivered at your site to train office-based desk adjusters and estimate reviewers.

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Course information

$1,995.00 per student


1 week

Additional information:

8 student minimum registration plus trainer costs
Scheduling is by appointment
Call 817-633-4800 for details


Recognizing that clients have large office-based staffs of desk adjusters and estimate reviewers, Vale designed a training methodology to eliminate travel and minimize lost production time.  Using the standard examiner programs (Auto Examiner and Property Examiner) Vale can design a modified program to optimize the classroom experience to be delivered at the client location.  The results – training normally delivered at Vale in one week can be customized to client needs and delivered without travel in fewer days, even scheduled as daily half day sessions to guarantee continued production – training in groups: Group 1 (morning) and Group 2 (afternoon).  Below is a summary of the instructional design approach.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify common materials and components and recognize routine scoping issues while analyzing claim estimates.
  • Recognize typical errors made by field adjusters and contractors relating to misidentifying materials, mistakes in measuring, misapplication of estimating software, and other scoping errors.
  • Reinforce client specific nomenclature, processes and systems.

Instructional Design Elements

  • Client Consultation: Consult with client to identify staff challenges and assess whether staff should be grouped uniquely for training based on roles, skills, seniority, clients, specialization, etc.
  • Estimate Analysis: Using a proven methodology employed by Vale Consulting Services, a Vale trainer will review open or closed files to identify weaknesses in files and define root causes with a recommendation to the client for where the curriculum must focus to improve skills.
  • Student Assessment: Assessment delivered as an online pre-course test to assess current knowledge of students and used to design a curriculum for the student to reach the knowledge goals of the program.
  • Delivery Plan: Based on the information learned, a delivery model based on individual reviewer skills, work volume and production hours will be designed to minimize impact on office production. The plan will recommend online pre-work as well as classroom based training delivered on site with the goal to upskill the team in the most efficient manner.

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