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1/2 day

Certification testing is available by appointment. Please contact Vale Training Solutions to schedule your appointment, 817-633-4800.

Continuing Education Units:  N/A

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to bring lights?

Tools and lighting will not be supplied. Technician should bring the necessary tools, lighting (with power converter if needed), buffer, sanding blocks, etc. In short, the technician should prepare as if going to a storm site. AC power sources are supplied.

How many levels can I test for per test date?

You may test for multiple levels per test date based on proficiency in your allotted time.

What types of panels will we be tested on?

Participants will be tested on late-model steel and aluminum hoods, deck lids and doors mounted to fixed stands.

What if I fail to pass a level?

Should any part of the testing in the Craftsman or Master Craftsman category not be completed to a satisfactory level, the candidate may apply to be passed on lower proficiency level rating, provided all the criteria of that lower level were satisfied. (Example: Candidate passes first two criteria of the Craftsman level but fails the third criteria will qualify for Journeyman status with no more testing). 

Failing one test segment, a candidate testing for Master Craftsman level may apply successful test segments to Craftsman level, and complete the test to satisfy Craftsman level criteria. You may drop down one time only. 

Should any part of the lower level of testing result in a no-pass, certification will not be awarded. 

Where is the testing conducted?

Vale Training Solutions, 2424 E Randol Mill Road, Arlington, Texas 76011

When are PDR Test dates scheduled?

Dates are scheduled on an as needed basis – please call 1-800-233-7095 to arrange for a test date.

What levels of testing are there?

Journeyman, Craftsman, Master Craftsman

What type of certification will be presented if successfully completed?

Successful participants will be awarded a certificate and wallet sized I. D. card reflecting the level of demonstrated proficiency. Your name and certification number will be listed on the Vale website with your permission.

When can I test for the next level?

Candidates wishing to return for testing to upgrade their status to a higher level may do so on the next available test program date at Vale Training in Arlington, Texas.

Is there a class limit?

5 per session

What tools do I need to bring?

You should prepare as if going to a storm site. AC power sources are supplied.

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