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1 week

The Property Examiner course is a 1-week class focused on teaching file reviewers, desk adjusters, and examiners how to review completed estimates on damaged residential buildings which have been prepared by other adjusters or contractors. 

Classroom discussion focuses on identifying common building materials, resolving scoping issues, and analyzing claim estimates for property claims.  While students do not write estimates in this course, real claim estimates are used to help prepare desk adjusters to find common errors made by field adjusters and contractors relating to misidentifying building materials, mistakes in measuring, misapplication of estimating software, and other scoping errors.  In addition, attendees will get an introduction to proper water mitigation techniques.

Vale Training Solutions offers Continuing Education for this course at a charge of $2.00 per credit hour.  Please see the state listing below for available CE credits.

Continuing Education Units:
Texas 15 hours
Delaware 15 hours
Mississippi 15 hours
Indiana 15 hours
Georgia 15 hours
Oklahoma 31 hours
Florida 24 hours
North Carolina 6 hours 

Canada | Manitoba 12 hours
Canada | British Columbia 8 hours


This one week class is designed for the file reviewer, desk adjuster, or property examiner who does not write estimates but needs to understand residential property estimates written by field adjusters and have the skill to review these estimates for a variety of technical errors.  In this class, attendees will not write estimates but review claim estimates prepared by other adjusters.  The class structure includes lecture and property estimates review.


Scoping defined, estimate sequence, diagrams, photographs.
Construction trades, calculating debris removal, and application of minimum charges.

Drywall, textures, paint, paneling, moldings, cabinets, countertops. 
Types of materials and pricing factors.

Doors, Windows, Glass
Types of materials and pricing factors.

Wood, carpet, and vinyl.
Guidelines for drying floors.

Roofing, exterior claddings, fences, insulation.

Estimate Sequence

The importance of sorting estimates.

Water Mitigation 101
Classes and categories of water damage, principles of drying, assessing mitigation invoices. 

Estimating Platforms 101
Key differences in major platforms.

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