Clerk of the Works® certification

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self-paced instruction

This program is eligible for IICRC continuing education credits; the T&M Pro software training and testing equates to 7 credits and the Clerk of the Works training and testing portion offers an additional 7 IICRC credits.

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Clerking has been a function on large commercial jobs for many years in our industry. The challenge is that there have been no standards or consistent processes to provide these services, resulting in a wide range of approaches and outcomes. Through the combined efforts of Sedgwick partner companies, Vale Training and the T&M Pro Suite, the certification program will produce clerking services that are consistent, repeatable, and transparent to better serve clients. A client can expect that engaging a Certified Clerk of the Works® will deliver unparalleled service and technical expertise.

The program

The Clerk of the Works® certification program includes two skills modules: Clerk of the Works® and the T&M Pro Suite products: T&M Pro and T&M Go. All three components will be presented in self-paced instruction. A Certified Clerk of the Works® will possess skills and proficiency in both clerking activities and the use of the T&M Pro products as the means to perform their clerking duties.

Gain more insight about the program from Doug Dell and George Jones in our series of four podcasts.

  • Episode 1
    One of the most challenging tasks for a contractor iskeep up with daily documentation on the job. Listen to this to learn how you can gain the skills you need in just one week.
  • Episode 2
    What is T&M Pro and what role does it serve clerks on commercial projects? Find out more in this podcast.
  • Episode 3
    Ready to kickstart your career in an emerging role? The Clerk of the Works program may be just what you’re looking for. Listen to this podcast for more information.
  • Episode 4
    Using a clerk will bring a proactive focus to the claim handling process – ensuring that what is being billed on the project is an accurate reflection of what is being performed daily. Gain more insight in this podcast.

Program cost

The overall program cost is $3,495. This includes:

  • T&M Pro Prevailing Wage Admin software, the most feature rich of the T&M Pro products
  • T&M Go, the digital field data capture component of the T&M Pro Suite
  • T&M Pro online training, tailored to the Clerk of the Works® program
  • 2 hours of T&M Pro expert consulting
  • Vale Training Clerk of the Works® training
  • Access to the Vale Training Clerk of the Works® Amazon store
  • Upon completion of the training & exams, certification as a Certified Clerk of the Works®
  • Promotion of your profile as a Certified Clerk of the Works® on the Vale Training and T&M Pro Suite websites and through their social media channels

IICRC continuing education credits

This program is eligible for IICRC continuing education credits; the T&M Pro software training and testing equates to 7 credits and the Clerk of the Works training and testing portion offers an additional 7 IICRC credits.

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Marine watercraft estimatics

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The Marine Watercraft Estimatics course is designed to highlight the main topics required for an adjuster to be familiar with when handling marine claims of the specified designation. The entire course is recommended to be taken by all students. This course is geared towards vessels less than 45’ in length, with the emphasis on motor vessels.

Students will learn how to understand policy language from standard Hull & Machinery policies as they relate to investigating and handling marine yacht and watercraft claims. They will also learn how to identify the different types of vessels that may be subject to their handling, as well as different types of circumstances of loss and how to approach each one respective to what may be required. Background will be provided on how repair vendors approach estimating damages, managing expectations of overall repair costs, and how to identify fair and reasonable costs.


  • Desk adjusters who are familiar with the marine field


Day One:

1. Introduction and Overview of Course

2. Motor Vessel Identification:
a. Motor Yachts
b. Cabin Cruisers
c. Center Consoles
d. High Performance
e. Pontoon Vessels
f. Fishing & Dive Vessels
g. Common Construction Types
h. Hull Identification Number (HIN)
(Discussion should include equipment on board, what to look for in claims, water intrusion)

3. Common Motor Vessel Propulsion:
a. Inboard Diesel Engines
b. Inboard Gasoline Engines
c. Outboard Gasoline Engines
d. Transmissions
e. Traditional Shaft & Fixed Blade Propellers
f. Outdrives & Sterndrives
g. Pods

4. Sailing Vessel Identification:
a. Monohulls
b. Catamarans
c. Common Construction

5. Common Sailing Vessel Propulsion:
a. Sails and Rigging
b. Inboard Engines
c. Sail Drives

6. Common Vocabulary & Terms
a. Motor Vessels
b. Sailing Vessels
c. Machinery & Components
d. Mast and Rigging

7. Day One Closing Comments

Day Two:

1. Electrical Systems
a. 12/24VDC Systems
  1) Batteries
  2) Navigation Equipment
  3) Common System Components & Configuration
b. 120/240VAC Systems
  1) Shore Power
  2) Generators
  3) Common System Components & Configuration
  4) Electrolysis

2. Causes of Loss & Investigation
a. Different Types of Loss
1) Fire
2) Sinking
3) Electrical Events
4) Groundings
5) Collisions and Allisions
6) Machinery Failure
7) Third Party

b. Fortuitous vs Non-Fortuitous
c. Theft/Fraud Indicators/Indirect losses
d. Sue and labor vs. Wreck Removal

3. Understanding Estimates and Invoicing
a. Reviewing and Understanding Repair Estimates
b. Understanding denials based on surveyor’s report
c. Understanding labor vs. removal of personal property
d. Supplementals
e. Final Invoicing

4. Average Depreciation Schedule
a. Calculating Depreciation
b. Common Depreciation Percentages to Apply per Annum

5. Closing Course Comments and Open Q&A



T&M Pro certification

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2 day virtual course

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March 8 & 9


T&M Pro is a premier billing and data management system developed and approved for the property loss industry. Designed to bill Time and Material, Rate and Material, Cost Plus and/or a combination of these methods to complete complex projects with ease! Keep your bills Accurate, Consistent, and 100% Transparent.

T&M Estimator is an innovative program that allows you to create an estimation or projection by employing the functions and features of the industry leading Time and Material software: T&M Pro.

T&M Go is a Time and Material field application that allows you to digitally capture billable data while on the job. It bridges the gap between field documentation and data input by creating daily reports that upload directly into T&M Pro.


Live Virtual Classroom Training (T&M Pro)

We strive to provide a curriculum that will leave you confident in your abilities to execute even the most complex of Time and Material bills. Our curriculum provides an in-depth approach to the entire Time and Material billing process.

In the virtual class, an instructor will take you through every aspect of T&M Pro while answering any questions that may arise. The instructor will share their screen, allowing anyone attending the class to see an interactive walk-through of each section of the training.

All attendees will receive a free PDF copy of our in-depth Training Manual which covers all features and functions in T&M Pro. Attendees will also practice using the program by completing different input exercises in T&M Pro.

The virtual class will be a two-day training that is broken up into two, three-hour blocks each day. Our in-class/virtual training is IICRC Approved for 14 CE Credit Hours!

Click on a date in the course information box to register for a virtual training session.

On Demand Online Certification Courses (T&M Pro and T&M Estimator)

The T&M Pro & Estimator User Certification Courses are self-paced online training classes that will take you through all of the features and functions of the T&M Pro or T&M Estimator program from start to end. The classes include an extensive training manual and workbook that you can read and work through at your own pace. The training workbook includes step-by-step examples and scenarios that you will practice inputting into your program.

The online courses also include online review sections followed by quizzes to test your knowledge. After all the sections have been completed and passed, you will become either a T&M Pro or T&M Estimator certified user! We are also proud to announce that the T&M Pro User Certification Course is now IICRC Approved for CE Credits of 7 Hours!

Trauma and Crime Scene Technician: TCST

People in chemical safety suit
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Call 678-856-7143 to register.

Upcoming course dates:

February 8-9, 2022
May 24-25, 2022

The Trauma and Crime Scene Technician provides specific information for the proper maintenance and cleaning of trauma and crime scenes. Emphasis is placed on health and safety requirements (including the hands on donning and doffing of PPE and creating a hazard assessment of the area), structural remediation (cleaning and demo), contents remediation (cleaning and disposal) and the cleaning and disposal of vehicles and industrial machinery (including lockout/tagout and working with industrial site officers). Cleaning and demo equipment will be discussed along with the laws regarding hazardous waste, transport, storage and disposal.  The curriculum is based on the ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup.

Course duration: 2-day course: 14 hours, not including lunch and breaks. IICRC test fee is $65 and not included in course cost.

Course Topics:

  • Principles of Trauma and Crime Scene Remediation
  • Administrative Procedures, Documentation, and Risk Management
  • Safety and Health Procedures and equipment
  • Inspection and Preliminary Determination
  • Equipment, Tools, Antimicrobials and Biocides
  • Structural Remediation
  • Vehicle and Machinery Construction
  • Contents Remediation
  • Containment and Disposal of Waste or Sharps
  • Confirmation of Cleanliness

Audience:  Adjusting, home inspection, investigators, restoration and remediation professionals seeking to establish credentials as experts in trauma scene remediation.

Added Benefits of taking an IIRC program with Vale Training

  • Registration in Sedgwick on-demand network as IICRC certified technician
  • Receive special discounts on insurance pre-licensing, OSHA and continuing education courses
  • Qualify for a scholarship to be applied to future Vale Training property program

Register for the course:

Call 678-856-7143 to register.  Make sure to mention Vale to receive the special offers.


Water Damage Restoration Technician: WRT

Picture of flooded neighborhood
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3 days, 9-6 EST

To register for a course call 678-856-7143 or email

January 25-27, 2022
April 12-14, 2022

The Water Damage Restoration Technician course is designed to teach restoration personnel that perform remediation work to give them a better perspective of water damage, its effects and techniques for drying of structures. This course will give residential and commercial maintenance personnel the background to understand the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backflows, and contamination such as mold. Note:  WRT is a pre-requisite for the advanced IICRC certifications; ASD – Applied Structural Drying and AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician.

Course duration: 3-day course; 19 hours, not including lunch and breaks.  IICRC test fee is $65 and not included in course cost.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of Drying principles, Water Categories and Classes of loss
  • Drying Science
  • Equipment, Supplies, Chemicals
  • Microorganisms
  • Health and Safety

Audience:  Adjusting, home inspection, restoration and remediation professionals seeking to establish credentials as experts in water damage restoration.

Added Benefits of taking an IICRC program with Vale Training

  • Registration in Sedgwick on-demand network as IICRC certified technician
  • Receive special discounts on insurance pre-licensing, OSHA and continuing education courses
  • Qualify for a scholarship to be applied to future Vale Training property program
  • 2020 Graduates of Vale Property programs can receive IICRC continuing education credits

Register for the course:

Call 678-856-7143 or email for details.  Make sure to mention Vale to receive the special offers. 

Upcoming courses:

August 10-12, 2021
November 9-11, 2021

Vale Certified Building Consultant

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Course information



1 day

Recognizing a need to formalize the role, experience, and technical capabilities of a Building Consultant, Vale Training and Sedgwick Building Consultants have partnered to develop this program.

After completing this course, you will know:

  • The role and functions of a building consultant
  • How to differentiate adjuster functions from engineers and mitigation teams.
  • The concept of the managing adjuster and when to hire consultants and oversee a team of service professionals.
  • The basic concepts of water mitigation including drying equipment and check formulas.
  • How to identify common building materials.
  • How to analyze property claims to resolve measurement, estimating and scoping issues.

Prior to being eligible for the course all candidates must complete an application form and submit a professional recommendation.

Successful completion of this course and final exam will earn the candidate the designation of Vale Certified Building Consultant (VCBC).

Client-designed Reviewer Course

Picture of class discussion

Course information

$1,995.00 per student


1 week

Additional information:

8 student minimum registration plus trainer costs
Scheduling is by appointment
Call 817-633-4800 for details


Recognizing that clients have large office-based staffs of desk adjusters and estimate reviewers, Vale designed a training methodology to eliminate travel and minimize lost production time.  Using the standard examiner programs (Auto Examiner and Property Examiner) Vale can design a modified program to optimize the classroom experience to be delivered at the client location.  The results – training normally delivered at Vale in one week can be customized to client needs and delivered without travel in fewer days, even scheduled as daily half day sessions to guarantee continued production – training in groups: Group 1 (morning) and Group 2 (afternoon).  Below is a summary of the instructional design approach.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify common materials and components and recognize routine scoping issues while analyzing claim estimates.
  • Recognize typical errors made by field adjusters and contractors relating to misidentifying materials, mistakes in measuring, misapplication of estimating software, and other scoping errors.
  • Reinforce client specific nomenclature, processes and systems.

Instructional Design Elements

  • Client Consultation: Consult with client to identify staff challenges and assess whether staff should be grouped uniquely for training based on roles, skills, seniority, clients, specialization, etc.
  • Estimate Analysis: Using a proven methodology employed by Vale Consulting Services, a Vale trainer will review open or closed files to identify weaknesses in files and define root causes with a recommendation to the client for where the curriculum must focus to improve skills.
  • Student Assessment: Assessment delivered as an online pre-course test to assess current knowledge of students and used to design a curriculum for the student to reach the knowledge goals of the program.
  • Delivery Plan: Based on the information learned, a delivery model based on individual reviewer skills, work volume and production hours will be designed to minimize impact on office production. The plan will recommend online pre-work as well as classroom based training delivered on site with the goal to upskill the team in the most efficient manner.

Residential Roof Contractor Certification

Picture of broken roof
Course information



3 days

Call 817-633-4800 for details


  • Roofing Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Project Supervisors
  • Roof Insurance Adjusters

Level: Beginner to intermediate, some contractor experience needed for successful completion of course.

Residential Roof Contractor Certification is a 3-day course designed for roofing professionals, taught by Vale Training with GAF CARE.
In this course you can expect:

  • In-depth training using the same applications used by insurance companies.
  • Images of additional mock-ups and visual aids may be used for demonstration of construction techniques, materials and repairs.
  • Learn to interpret and apply homeowners policy and coverage.
  • Learn to scope a project.
  • Learn to create an accurate Xactimate estimate utilizing building codes and manufacturer specifications. Each student will be provided a laptop with Xactimate for in class use.

Residential Policy

Picture of kitchen with fire damage
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1 week

Click on a date below to register:

Nov 29-Dec 3, 2021
January 3 – 7, 2022
January 31 – February 4,2022
February 28 – March 4, 2022

Please check back if your course is not yet open for registration

This 1 week course is part 1 of  the 3 week Property Adjusting course. The best value is to enroll in the full 3 week course.

Designed for:

This course is designed for entry-level and experienced students who must be able to understand and apply policy language from standard Homeowners and Dwelling policies as they relate to investigating and handling property claims.

Key Learning Objective:

The emphasis is on learning how to read and apply the language in the ISO Homeowners (HO3) policy. Throughout the course, coverage application and structural estimating are integrated using workshops and claim scenarios to challenge the students to apply what they learn. Upon successful completion the student will have the skills to analyze and apply property coverages and be able to investigate the cause of loss.

Insurance Basics
Insurance Principles
Policy Structure
Provisions Common to Property Policies

Elements of a Legal Contract
Distinct Characteristics of an Insurance Agreement
Rules for Interpreting policies

Property Coverages
Dwelling and Other Structures
Personal Property
Loss of Use
Additional Coverages
Selected Endorsements

Causes of Loss
Open Peril vs.. Named Perils
Analysis of Specific Perils
Court Cases

Adjusting Losses
Duties After a Loss
Determining Value and Loss
Apportionment of Losses
Resolving Coverage Issues
Negotiation and Settlement
Subrogation/Dispute Resolution

Theft/Fraud Indicators
Photos & Diagrams

Workshops on Coverage
Loss Scenarios
Testing and Evaluation

Documentation of Events
Captioned Reports
Statement of Loss Format

Good Faith Claims Handling
Avoiding Bad Faith

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Estimatics

Picture of electric sports car

Course overview:
Course information



2 days

Check back for future scheduled courses

The course is designed for the student that is well versed in writing estimates and wants an edge and insight into the quickly emerging Hybrid and Electric vehicle market that is approaching worldwide.

We use images of vehicles, other visual aids and provide detailed information about the damage to the vehicle. This enables the student to generate damage estimates on these Hybrid and Electric vehicles and understand the safety and knowledge needed to write and repair these vehicles. This two day course will review the drivetrain options, ever changing battery technology, and various types of vehicles including EV conversion market which will have special estimating techniques and ACV considerations.

Emphasis is given to new generation vehicles and the new products, materials, and accessories being manufactured today.

After successfully completing this course, the student will have the skills and knowledge to prepare a complete and accurate electronic estimate using automated system data as well as a practical repair technique to estimate these vehicles as they come forward. In addition student will be introduced to the latest EV publications and increasing EV companies.


This two-day course is designed for those in the insurance and collision repair industries that will use an automated estimating program to produce damage estimates on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. This course is offered for the student with moderate experience who will be generating thorough and accurate automated estimates from minor to complex collision and comprehensive damages. 
Vale is an authorized trainer for Audatex, CCC ONE, and Mitchell UltraMate programs. 
Students attending this course will be trained on structural damage documentation and calculations.


Attendees must be capable of operating Windows-based programs. Due to the limited software information on these new vehicles a review of the estimating software and information will be used as it comes available. No actual estimating software selection is needed at the time of Registration.


Vehicle Identification: What To Look For and Where
Vehicle Safety: What to know, tools and safety procedures.
Damage Estimating Resources: Automated Estimating Programs Procedures, Parts, Allowances Estimating Procedures, Sequence Late model vehicle and companies. 
Component Repair: Industry Repair Standards Metal, aluminum and Plastic Repairs/Replace Formula 
Refinishing: Types and Procedures 
Structural Realignment: Unibody, Conventional, Aluminum  and Space Frames
Inner Structure: Components, Repair Procedures as they come available.
Passenger Restraint Systems: Air Bags, Seat Belts 
Interior Parts: Seats, Dash 
Alternative Parts: Sources
Storm Damages: Water, Flood, and Hail 
Estimating Exercises: Demonstrate Skills on Front, Side and Rear Impacts 
Total Losses: What to Look For
Next Generation Vehicles and Car Companies: Hybrid Cars and Electric Vehicles 
This course uses the latest versions of: Audatex™, CCC ONE™, and Mitchell UltraMate™.